Jonas Konijnenberg

Freelance photographer, acrobat and sports teacher



Sport portraits, landscape, events and lifestyle photographer Jonas Konijnenberg takes you in a world of action, beauty and freedom.

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Slackline performer and teacher

Educated as sports teacher, with more than 10 years experience of balancing on slacklines, Jonas is one of the most experienced slackliners in the world.

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Slackline performer and teacher

Exploring reality

As a photographer and sportsman I like to dream to the fields of impossibility. The things that scare you, are often a field of great potential. I am following this intuition since I started with slacklining, back in 2010.

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Highline skil programm - coaching

Only a limited amount of people are able to join me in my ‘Highline skill programm’. A on- and offline training programm, where I will learn you all the physical necessities for being able to hihgline. Starting in April, 2020.

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Highline skil programm - coaching

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Based in Amsterdam and Schoorl, The Netherlands

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