Season 2: Jonas Lifestyle Series

Lifestyle Series

Season 2: Jonas Lifestyle Series

A new series of my lifestyle episodes is out. In the past months I’ve released 4 new videos.

Slacklining in Gorges du Verdon with Benoit Brume (S2:E1)

This episode takes place in the gorgeous Gorges du Verdon. This area is so beautiful, it’s also the only place in Europe where vultures are being preserved. Together with my friend Benoit, we came to a fun creative idea. His nickname is Benoit Brume, the “Rider of the Fog”. The setting of the desert in the south of France reminded me of a western. And Benoit was also wearing a cowboy hat! So that combination could only lead to one outcome; A highline western. If you’re curious; check this out!

Dutchies highlining in France: Purple GAZ (S2:E2)

Together with Froukje de Klein, Jobber Moltmaker and Cor Vinke I went to a mountain looking over the valley of Grenoble. There’s an epic cliff with an overhanging rock. To that rock you can rig a monster highline; “Purple GAZ”. It’s 140m long and very exposed.. if you walk towards Grenoble, then you’ve got a view over the whole valley. It’s a pretty and a crazy highline at the same time. I used my drone to rig the highline. All of this, you can see in this video!

Freestyle highlining with Daniel Laruelle (S2:E3)

Freestyle highlining is a new thing in the slackline world. It’s about doing freestyle tricks on a highline. Super crazy, if you ask me. My friend Daniel is totally into this world. And he’s f*cking good! I was stoked to capture some of his fast rotations and also learn a little bit of this new style.

A 1.1 long km with Zeph Premoselli (S2:E4)

What should have been episode no1 turned out to be the last episode of the season. I’ve heard some friends of mine (Jobber, Pablo Traversat) were at an epic gathering of Ça March association. They were doing a 1.1 long km highline. When I arrived, Zeph Premoselli was about to hop on.. I just bought a drone and was stoked to capture his super fast walk. He inspired me so much, that I dedicated this episode to him!


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